To Do: Nothing…

Doing nothing is extremely difficult.  How often have you actually tried it?  In a world where we simultaneously talk and text and surf the web, we have lost sight of our “off” switch.

In researching productivity, I came across this amazing little site that promotes exactly what you’d think:  I lasted a whole 30 seconds the first time.  It is extraordinarily difficult to shut down even for 120 seconds. 

If you have any kind of project management experience, you are likely quite adept and as proud of your ability to multi-task as I am.  What I am less proud of is the inability to unplug.  When the brain is always on, you can’t step back, reset, and come back with an amazing solution to the problem.  You are not even really focusing on the problem at hand.  So give yourself a break today (and maybe tomorrow too) and find some time to do nothing.