Guest Blogging on VLG Blog: H2H: Going Beyond B2B…

My blog post on H2H Marketing was published on the VLG Blog today.  The tiniest snippet of an excerpt is featured below, but you’ll want to check out the full thing at its source.  Happy Marketing!

Almost every new prospect I’ve spoken with in the last 7 years casts doubt at first that our approach would work in a B2B environment. “This is great for consumers,” they say. “But I’d throw this away.” And that’s funny, because the reason we’re talking is because they didn’t. Looking at marketing from a B2B or B2C perspective is gradually giving way to H2H—Human to Human marketing. Made popular by Silicon Valley marketer, Bryan Kramer, this concept isn’t new. If you’ve ever sat through a presentation by VLG President, Pete Manias, it all starts with driving human behavior.  Read More