Technology doesn’t have to be scary…

The fan girl in me loves this.  It’s brilliant, entertaining, and memorable.  What more could we ask from Audi in touting their new technological advancements? I saw this run during last night’s Marvel Agents of Shield and paused the DVR, rewound, and watched it a few times.

Great work by Audi and the team at Venables Bell & Partners.

So you want to be in advertising…

I recently came across a question on Twitter about how to get started in a career in marketing or advertising.  I’m sure we all have our own origin stories and the journeys that brought us to where we are today are as varied as the individuals that experienced them.  So, here are a few general ideas to get you started based on my own foray into the world of marketing and advertising.  Do try these at home, though results may vary.


Everything you can get your hands on.  Stay up to date on trends and thought leaders.  Don’t insulate yourself with only blogs or books on business or marketing.  Read about creativity, science, innovation.  When you are in an industry that runs on inspiration you have to make sure that you are constantly feeding it from many and varied sources.  That said, here are a couple of my favorite blogs:

Seth Godin’s Blog:It should go without saying but Seth Godin is one of the smartest minds out there, period.  I read his blog every day, without fail.  Sometimes it’s both thought- and action-proving.  Others it’s just a nice little nugget, but what you won’t find from this best-selling author of TribeLinchpin,  and Purple Cow to name a few is a watered down or insulated view of the industry.

David Meerman Scott:If you know anything about social media, this name should be on your radar as he literally edits the book series, The New Rules of Social Media.  David is a profound voice in the world of marketing and advertising and is a wealth of information on topics from PR and Social Media to the art of Selling.  And don’t kid yourself.  If you’re in advertising, you’re in sales.

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing fame.  He offers simple and practical advice on business, marketing and the like.

Other places to find inspired content are Wired Magazine and Fast Company.


Check out what sort of agencies have sprung up in your area.  You’re likely to find everything from boutique specialty shops to gigantic agencies of record with household name clients.  Reach out to them.  Don’t ask for a job, but do ask for some time to come by and see what they do.  Most agencies have an interest in educating and you never know where the networking could lead.


If you are affiliated with a college or school, they more than likely have a career center that can help match you with agencies or companies who are looking for interns.  Every internship I had in school was unpaid, but it offered a wealth of experience.  There are some larger shops that do offer paid internships, but expect to start at the bottom and work hard no matter which way it goes.

The world of advertising and marketing is not as glamorous as Hollywood would have you believe, but it is an amazing way to combine business with creativity and get an end product you can be proud of.


There’s been a lot of talk lately of Colbie Callait and her new video, Try.  Obviously as a woman, a mother, and a marketer, it strikes a chord on many levels.  If you haven’t seen it, take a look.  It’s a great song with a great message for all of us.

 Does this message apply to our marketing as well?  To our brands?  I think so.  We like to think that we are in control of our brand.  We hire brand managers and launch branding campaigns, but the truth is, we shine up our message, put it out there and wait to see how it’s received.  If we are walking the walk of our core values and holding our heads high as we go about the business of doing what we say we’ll do… If our interactions are genuine and sincere… What we project and how we are perceived are likely to be in sync.  If we are dishonest with ourselves and worse yet with our people or the public, there is likely to be a large disconnect between who we say we are and who we are perceived to be.

So, how hard do we try?  In the famous words of Yoda, there is only do or not do.  There is no try.

To Do: Nothing…

Doing nothing is extremely difficult.  How often have you actually tried it?  In a world where we simultaneously talk and text and surf the web, we have lost sight of our “off” switch.

In researching productivity, I came across this amazing little site that promotes exactly what you’d think:  I lasted a whole 30 seconds the first time.  It is extraordinarily difficult to shut down even for 120 seconds. 

If you have any kind of project management experience, you are likely quite adept and as proud of your ability to multi-task as I am.  What I am less proud of is the inability to unplug.  When the brain is always on, you can’t step back, reset, and come back with an amazing solution to the problem.  You are not even really focusing on the problem at hand.  So give yourself a break today (and maybe tomorrow too) and find some time to do nothing.

It hurts to be wrong…

If you believe Slate, I am.  Constantly.  Count the spaces after my periods in this piece if you don’t believe me.  It’s a legacy from 9th grade typing class, and it won’t go away.  I am a two spacer.  I’m sure I could do a lot of yoga and meditation and retrain myself, but it’s muscle memory at this point as much as grammar.  And I have other intentions during yoga for now.

As marketers, we can’t afford to hang on to old habits.  Doing things because it’s the way we have in the past, is the worst possible strategy.  So what do we do in a constantly shifting landscape?  Do we jump on every new trend in the hopes it’s going to be the next platform du jour?

I’ve never surfed, but I imagine, it’s a similar process.  You take stock of the wave of information, paddle out and do your best to keep your head above water at first, but then you get very good at wading through the information and eventually you’re soaring.  There will be tumbles.  Spectacular fails that may even make it into a business class or two, but without those fails, there cannot be spectacular success.

The culture of fear…of being afraid to make a mistake is by far the biggest thing holding us back.  So, yes, it hurts to be wrong.  But it’s devastating to never have the opportunity to be wrong.  In that opportunity are all the lessons that make us strong, fierce, and unbeatable the next time.


Guest Blogging on VLG Blog: H2H: Going Beyond B2B…

My blog post on H2H Marketing was published on the VLG Blog today.  The tiniest snippet of an excerpt is featured below, but you’ll want to check out the full thing at its source.  Happy Marketing!

Almost every new prospect I’ve spoken with in the last 7 years casts doubt at first that our approach would work in a B2B environment. “This is great for consumers,” they say. “But I’d throw this away.” And that’s funny, because the reason we’re talking is because they didn’t. Looking at marketing from a B2B or B2C perspective is gradually giving way to H2H—Human to Human marketing. Made popular by Silicon Valley marketer, Bryan Kramer, this concept isn’t new. If you’ve ever sat through a presentation by VLG President, Pete Manias, it all starts with driving human behavior.  Read More


I start every morning with coffee and Seth…

Some days I’m surprised at how relevant the message is, how much I needed to “hear” those words. Today is such a day.  We are all artists in our right, dancing to the edge, getting dangerously closer to it only to flit back to safety.

And so this week, we keep creating.  Keep pushing the edge.  Keep dancing ever closer to the flame, but we do keep dancing.

Catching up on Seth’s blog has left me with a few things to ponder.  How often do we really give ourselves and our people the room to truly delight?  To do a thing because it is right?  Do we worry about the cost when what we should be cognizant of is the cost of not doing so?

In an age where every emotion is over-shared with a person’s 200 closest friends, wouldn’t it be really wonderful to wake up, drink your coffee, and read about how someone is so delighted with you they are doing the dancing for you?

New beginnings and life lessons…

The trailing ellipses in my titles are an homage paid to a dear friend. You know who you are. It’s a little badge of courage and a hopeful sign for the future. What wonderful thing is coming up next?

I’m an aunt again today. And that makes me hopeful too. There’s a new little life in the world who is going to do amazingly wonderful things like walk one day and talk and say “I love you,” to his mom. And he’ll do other things that make an impact on the world. Things we can’t even imagine today.

Forbes recently published a profile of Admiral Michelle Howard, the highest ranking woman in military history.  In it she details some wonderful advice on leadership and creativity.  If the US Navy can implement out of the box thinking, the rest of us have no excuse.

So, get out there and enjoy today.  Learn something new.  Do something great.  And if you get a chance, do play around with a 3D printer.  That’s almost worth joining the navy for.

This one’s for the girls…

The ones who worked hard, played tough, and did the things that no one thought they should or could. The women who broke out, broke in, broke the mold. The moms, the sisters, the daughters, the really good friends. Thanks for everything you do that made me everything I’ve become.

You’re too many to name, but this one is for you.

When my oldest daughter, all of 3 and wise beyond her years saw this as I was sharing it with her dad, she got a huge smile on her face. “I’m a girl,” she said.

“Yes, you are.”

“I can kick. I can run. Watch me Mommy, Watch me Daddy.” And she proceeded to put her heart and soul into all of it. I’m guarding that spirit and tenacity with my life.


World Cup Mania – Go Team USA

I will admit it.  I’m a fair weather fan.  Soccer?  Does it actually go on during the 4 years in between World Cup tournaments?  Ouch, I know.  But it’s difficult not to get caught up in all the excitement when your friends and co-workers are literally on the edges of their seats waiting to see what will become of our beloved (for now) Team USA.

While the drama of the loss to Germany was lost on me, the implication was not.  Out of the group of death and into the next round.  Un-be-liev-a-ble!

But even more dramatic than that 1-0 loss that kept us in the game were the beautifully executed ads for Hyundai.



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