New beginnings and life lessons…

The trailing ellipses in my titles are an homage paid to a dear friend. You know who you are. It’s a little badge of courage and a hopeful sign for the future. What wonderful thing is coming up next?

I’m an aunt again today. And that makes me hopeful too. There’s a new little life in the world who is going to do amazingly wonderful things like walk one day and talk and say “I love you,” to his mom. And he’ll do other things that make an impact on the world. Things we can’t even imagine today.

Forbes recently published a profile of Admiral Michelle Howard, the highest ranking woman in military history.  In it she details some wonderful advice on leadership and creativity.  If the US Navy can implement out of the box thinking, the rest of us have no excuse.

So, get out there and enjoy today.  Learn something new.  Do something great.  And if you get a chance, do play around with a 3D printer.  That’s almost worth joining the navy for.