Social and Accessible

Today’s market is used to being able to find out exactly what they want to know when they want to know it.  According to research by Tata Consultancy Services, average sized companies were expected to spend between $13 and $22 Million to market, sell and service digital mobile consumers through their devices. These numbers are expected to rise dramatically by 2015.

That’s no surprise, right?  Why then aren’t companies keeping pace?  According to Google more than 79% of its largest advertisers don’t have a mobile-friendly site.  Mobile is the wave of the future, friends.

So what do we expect as consumers and people with interests while we are searching millions of pieces of data to find exactly what we need to know.  We expect to be able to connect with exactly the right piece of data, be that a new recipe, a friend request, or access to people with influence in the companies we want to know more about.

David Meerman Scott posted a fantastic blog today about the #SocialCEO.  In it he cites the success that such household names as Richard Branson, Marissa Meyer, and Arianna Huffington have achieved by being accessible to their customers. So how social and accessible are you? 

While wandering the streets of San Francisco between meetings, my colleague Taylor Johnson and I happened along this setup in the lobby of Umqua Bank.  It’s simple and old school.  Not mobile at all.  But it’s certainly accessible.  There it is, right there at the top  — a direct line to the bank president.  And any customer can literally walk in off the street and call.


How are your customers reaching you?  How are they interacting with your brand?  Are you part of the conversation?