ballerina Misty Copeland

Why Misty Copeland’s rise to Principal Dancer is a win for us all

You can see the emotion in the interview. All of her hard work is paying off, and yet the years of being told she wasn’t right have taken their toll. Any parent would strive to protect their child from such pain and disappointment, and yet any child who hopes to break through ultimately must experience it. It makes them stronger at the same time that it wears on them.

One day, skin color won’t be the headline on a story like this, and I look forward to that day. One day, the story will be about the incredible oddity of a passionate dancer who took her first ballet class at 13 and then went on to become a principal ballerina in the American Ballet Theatre.

My girls will look at Misty and see a beautiful dancer and aspire to be like her some day. A beautiful ballerina who has danced their precious Odette and Odile in Swan Lake. They will likely inherit their height from me (5’4″) and I will use Misty’s inspiration at 5’2″ to show them that there is a place for hard work and talent no matter what package it comes in.

Congratulations to Misty and all of the recently promoted dancers at American Ballet Theatre


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