My Klout score went up…but I didn’t go to MIT

As you know, this blog has been waiting quietly for me to deal with the ever-increasing demands of time.  Motherhood – work -and at some point along the way, I forgot I went to MIT.  So this is neither a very recent post or an accurate one, but it is a good reminder of the gems of information that are out there and even directed at us as individuals that we don’t always see.  And it’s a good reminder as a marketer that our audiences are not out there actively seeking our content — except when they are.

Did I forget I went to MIT?

Did I forget I went to MIT?

I’ve been thinking a lot about content management and strategies and how to create good, relevant, evergreen content that is not high on noise but is high on value as well as our requirements when we create our marketing stories.  The Android Friends Furever ad has been getting a lot of attention as a compelling and creative way to get the be together not the same message across.  It’s very entertaining.  But will you remember who the advertiser was in six months?  With the laundry list of things I have to think about, I’m almost certain that I won’t.

By contrast, the Metlife, My Dad’s Story is so poignantly on point in speaking to parents about the lengths parents will go to  keep their kids safe, healthy, and happy.  When I think of security for my children, how can I think of anyone other than Metlife.  Well done.