If you write it, they will come…

Bad movie puns aside, this blog exercise has been one with surprising results.  A few weeks and posts in, and I am up to 89 actual blog subscribers, the majority of whom, are complete strangers.  Evaluating when they subscribed and what content they are engaging with has provided a great glimpse of the DNA of the individuals.

I’m not suggesting companies or individuals with thousands of followers can or should do this by hand, but it’s a basic marketing principle that you should understand who your audience is.  I started this blog to talk about marketing.  My audience is made up mostly of writers.  Is this an accident?  Or is it more likely an accurate representation of the heart of most of my posts.  Writing…

So, if you are a big company or individual with too many followers to truly get to know personally, what do you do?  In this age of big data, there’s no reason not to provide the kind of content and personalization folks expect from their neighborhood hangout.  Getting the initial traffic is only half the battle.  Making sure you are delivering relevant, timely content and valuing the time someone chooses to spend with you is equally important.

I had the opportunity to meet some of the folks at GetSmartContent this week.  They’re doing great things with personalized content on a company’s website.  If you know our work at VLG, you know we’re doing it on a small scale with personalized, 1:1, direct marketing campaigns.  The analysts at SiriusDecisions will call this Small Net Fishing.  We think it’s just smart marketing.

So, what are your current personalized efforts? Are they effective? Did you start with a plan or stumble your way into one?


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