The Power of packaging and positioning

My weekends are often unexpected lessons. I’m sure this is true for any parent with young kids who are really starting to figure out the world. A few weeks ago, strolling the aisles of Whole Foods, my daughter said “I want the Robot Tea”.

Scanning the shelves, I quickly told her, “There’s no robot tea. Do you want blueberry, strawberry, etc, etc.”

Adamant as only a three-year-old can be, she demanded once again, “I want the Robot Tea.”

My eyes finally lit on what she saw. A cleverly packaged caffeine-free tea by Allegro. “Robot Tea.” A quick look at the ingredient list showed a host of familiar tea ingredients: roobios, spearmint, licorice, lemon peel and orange peel. Nothing terribly kid-centric, but the smart folks at Allegro figured out putting a cartoon robot on a package sells tea to kids.

We marketers have figured out who’s really in charge of the purse strings, haven’t we? I can’t walk the aisle at any major big box store without a slew of Disney characters peeking at me from everything from toilet tissue to diapers to breakfast cereal to shoes. Thankfully, as of 2006, we can take junk food off that list.

Oh yes, we’ve figured it out.

So, how do we responsibly wield this power? What good will we do with it?


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