I start every morning with coffee and Seth…

Some days I’m surprised at how relevant the message is, how much I needed to “hear” those words. Today is such a day.  We are all artists in our right, dancing to the edge, getting dangerously closer to it only to flit back to safety.

And so this week, we keep creating.  Keep pushing the edge.  Keep dancing ever closer to the flame, but we do keep dancing.

Catching up on Seth’s blog has left me with a few things to ponder.  How often do we really give ourselves and our people the room to truly delight?  To do a thing because it is right?  Do we worry about the cost when what we should be cognizant of is the cost of not doing so?

In an age where every emotion is over-shared with a person’s 200 closest friends, wouldn’t it be really wonderful to wake up, drink your coffee, and read about how someone is so delighted with you they are doing the dancing for you?


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